APEC Top Tier Review

APEC Top Tier ReviewOne of the best ro water systems to invest in out there is the APEC Top Tier reverse osmosis water filtration system. This system features 6 different filtration stages to ensure that you get great tasting water that is safe to drink. APEC has been around for 2 decades now and are known for their high-quality systems as well as their charitable donations. If you want a long-lasting system, this is a great one to consider.


The APEC Top Tier system uses six different filtration stages to get rid o up to 99% of the bacteria, chemicals, cysts, other organics—and so much more—from your water supply. One of the stages includes the remineralization process, which reintroduces calcium back into your water wand makes it smoother and better tasting!

This is the perfect ro water system for larger households because it is able to filter up to 75 gallons of water per day. So, if you want to make sure everyone in your family has quick access to great tasting, filtered water, then APEC is a trusted system that is designed and constructed to last you for the long haul.

Filtration Process

The APEC Top Tier reverse osmosis systems features a six-stage filtration process that will rid your water supply of any Arsenic, Barium, Cadmium, Chromium, Copper, Fluoride, Lead, Radium and many other contaminants that your water may be riddled with. It delivers crisp tasting water that you can trust. Check out the different stages of filtration it uses below.

Stage 1

The first stage featured by this system is the pre-filtration system. This step uses a sediment filter that utilizes high-quality and high capacity polypropylene to effectively remove larger debris—like dust, particles, and rust—from your water supply. This process ensure that your RO membrane is not damaged by any larger particles.

Stage 2 and Stage 3

The second and third stages of the APEC Top Tier reverse osmosis system further filter your water to ensure it is free of more debris before it reaches the system’s RO membrane. More specifically, this stage use high-quality carbon block to ensure it rids your water of chlorine, undesirable color or cloudiness, taste, unpleasant smell, VOCs, and many other unwanted chemicals that are commonly found in our water supply.

Stage 4

The fourth stage of this system features the reverse osmosis membrane of the system. This where your water supply will go through your reverse osmosis membrane and remove up to 99% of the Arsenic, bacteria, contaminants, Chromium, Fluoride, Lead, Radium, Virus—and so many more contaminants and chemicals—from your water supply. As you can see, the previous filters are essential because you do not want to ruin your RO membrane with the debris because here is where the majority of contaminants are removed.

Stage 5

The fifth stage of this ro system utilizes a carbon filter with a coconut shell, known as the TCR filter. When your water supply reaches this stage this filter will remove unpleasant taste that your water may still have—so you can count on having great tasting water that you will enjoy each and every time.

Stage 6

The sixth and final stage of the Apec Top Tier reverse osmosis water filtration system is where water will get remineralized using the systems Calcium filter. During this stage your water’s pH will change and your water will become more alkalinized. During the filtration process everything gets stripped from your water—the good and the bad—so adding the Calcium back in can be really beneficial for your health.

Materials, Installation and Maintenance

If you are looking for a reverse osmosis system that is built to last you the long haul, you will love this one. This filtration system is made in the United States and uses food grade calcium cartridges to ensure that it is safe to use. Your purchase will also come with a lead-free faucet that you can install and use with the system. All of the system’s tubing is made of food grade material that are also FDA certified for safety and quality.

The system’s installation process is also pretty simple. Your purchase will come with absolutely everything you need to get it set up and the instructions are easy to follow—it even comes with a video! To top it off, your purchase will come with access to the APEC’s customer support team for as long as you own the system.

As far as maintenance goes, this system is pretty straight forward. It is designed to be leak free as long as you install it properly, so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart on you. The filters will only need to be changed once a year, on average, and the process us quick and simple!

Pros and Cons


• Easy to install
• FDA certified
• Food grade materials for added safety
• Comes with a lead-free faucet
• Remineralization stage


• The remineralization stage only adds Calcium to your water supply, not Magnesium


All in all, this APEC reverse osmosis water filtration systems is one of the best out there. It is easy to install, durable, and provides you with great tasting water that is save to drink. It is FDA certified and comes with a warranty—as long as you register your system once you receive it.

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