iSpring RCC7 Review

iSpring RCC7 ReviewThe iSpring RCC7 reverse osmosis water filter is one of the best undersink water filtration systems currently available to chose from. It features five different levels of filtration along with a water softener—so your purified water tastes smooth, crisp and delicious. If you want a more cost-effective water filtration system that is built to last you the long haul, this one is definitely worth a look.


As far as features go, this five-stage reverse osmosis water filtration system definitely has a lot to offer. It’s high capacity system will reduce 1,000 different contaminants in your water supply by up to 99% as well as get rid of 98% of the lead it may be riddled with. This system is compatible with both well and city water, so it is a great product to consider for almost all consumers.

The company manufactures each of the system’s components according to NSF and ANSI quality and safety standards, so you can trust the system is one you can trust. Moreover, iSpring also ensures each of the systems they produce is tested for leaks, pressure, and overall performance before it is released to the market.

This system is able to filter up to 75 gallons a day, making it an excellent option for those of you with larger households. It possesses the coveted WQA gold seal certification for water quality and safety—which makes it one of the best systems on the market. If you want an easy to use, durable, and effective reverse osmosis water filtration system, iSpring definitely delivers with this one.

Filtration Process

As previously mentioned, this RO system uses five different stages of filtration to effectively reduced your water supply of any Arsenic, asbestos, bacteria, Calcium, Chlorine, Fluoride, giardia, hormones, lead, mercury, sodium, virus—to name a few—by up to 98%-99%. Below we will discuss the filtration process that allows this system to effectively and efficiently purify your water to this extent.

Stages 1-3: Prefiltration process

For this process, this system utilizes three different prefilters to reduce the contaminants in
your water supply, especially those that could damage your RO membrane. The first prefilter is the sediment filter which removes larger contaminants, like sediment, from your water. The second and third prefilters are the Carbone KDF (GAC) filter and the Carbon block (CTO) filter. These two filters will remove chloramines, chlorine, and other chemicals that may negatively impact and breakdown your reverse osmosis membrane.

Stage 4: Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis water filtration system cannot properly function if it doesn’t have a RO membrane that can do its job—which is why it is the most important component of the system. Before your water supply arrives at the RO membrane, the prefilters rid it of any larger sediment or contaminants to protect it. The RO membrane itself will remove contaminants as small as 0.0001 microns, so only purified water will be what goes through the membrane.

Stage 5: Water Softener

The fifth and last stage of this reverse osmosis water filtration system features its GAC filter. During this water softening process, your water supply will be removed all hardness that is free of any sodium. This results in water that tastes great and foes down smoothly with each and every glass you pour.

Materials, Installation, and Maintenance

At less than $200, this cost-effective RO water filtration system will come with absolutely everything you need to set it up and get it installed. It is constructed of high-quality materials that are built to hold up over time, so you don’t have to worry about any of the components breaking down. This model also comes with a pressurized tank that can hold 3.2 gallons of water and a lead-free faucet that is made of brushed nickel and will look great in any kitchen.

As far as installation goes, this RO system is designed to be hassle-free and easy to put together. This is an undersink filtration system that can be setup within a few hours and is made to fit you’re the standard sink found in most kitchens. If you purchase this system, it will also come with installation instructions and video that is easy to follow. If you have any questions, the company provides full access to their customer service department to help you install your system properly and ensure it is leak-free.

When it comes to maintenance, this system is trouble-free. The filters can be easily ordered and are available at an affordable price that will fit any budget.

Pros and Cons


• Easy to install
• Great price
• Comes with a 1-year money back guarantee and manufacturer warranty


• Does not remineralize your water supply


All in all, this system is one of the best cost-effective RO water filtration systems available. Your purchase will come with full access to their customer support team as well as a 1-year manufacturer and money back guarantee you can rely on if anything were to happen to your system.

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